Best Conversion Landing Pages

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I know you want to succeed in your online business for the long term. So, in order to do that, you need to create landing pages that convert. If you’re putting any money into ads in order to feed traffic to your site, then you should be getting conversions. However, if this is not the case, and if your landing pages aren’t converting, you are simply throwing away your money!

Therefore, in order to increase the amount of sales you are getting from your landing pages and sales funnels, you will first need to build ones that make you money. And, if this doesn’t happen, you’re wasting valuable time and effort.

best conversion landing pages

best conversion landing pages


I’m sure, by now, if you’ve been researching landing pages on the web, you have stumbled upon Russell Brunson, owner of ClickFunnels. You may have seen him building a funnel in a matter of minutes—and getting them to convert in a day less!

 So, if it’s that easy, can anyone do it?

Ideally, everyone wants to design great landing pages that “squeeze” out multiple sales over and over again. So, is this possible without being an expert? To find out, let’s start at the very beginning and pick it apart.

I’ve been reading Russell’s Expert Secrets.

If you haven’t read it yet, you will want to read this one! He digs to find the psychology behind landing pages and how they can work for everyone. And, just for reading my post today, you can get Expert Secrets absolutely FREE!


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best conversion landing pages

Futhermore, he also wrote Dot Com Secrets. You can get your FREE copy right here now!


 best conversion landing pages

With these two fascinating books, inexperienced people have taken the “secret sauce” and have leveraged it to form a seven-figure/month business.

All the information you will acquire in these books will lead you through step-by-step instructions to implement.

Reading them over and over again will increase your momentum and inspire you to really go for it!

best conversion landing pages

Understanding the unique psychology he has brilliantly portrayed in his two goldmine books, will contribute greatly to your overall success. These two books have gone viral because of his landing pages—not to mention the great content in them!



Essentially, if you don’t have landing page software yet, now is the time to get it! Or, perhaps you’re using a landing page builder already. Well, I am here to tell you that it is necessary to have the tools to speedily build your sales funnels. And, a great place to get them is—you guessed it—

best conversion landing pages

best conversion landing pages

There are not many out there that have the intense capabilities to create conversion landing pages so quickly. ClickFunnels DOES!


Plus, there are so many incentives for joining CLICKFUNNELS. Below is a rundown.

“Join ClickFunnel’s Affiliate Program and let us buy you your dream car.” LEARN MORE.

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FREE Funnel Graffiti. Helping Funnel Hackers build funnels. Get your FREE Funnel Graffiti now! LEARN MORE.

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When you join ClickFunnels, you will gain access to all of the above—and SO MUCH MORE!

best conversion landing pages

best conversion landing pages



Interestingly, the business of online marketing is all about psychology and how we relate to people. And, in order to understand the capabilities behind sales conversions, we need to dig a bit deeper into conversion optimization—or “shopper psychology” and how to “psych” them out about a deal. Here, I’ll give you an example.

So, when relating to a crowd of people, one may have others agree to something by simply asking and getting them to raise their hand or nod their head. The person speaking is getting the audience to agree with what he or she is saying. This is the known practice of committing—getting people to commit to things offered. When they do, their brain is triggered to look at the next one. So, getting someone to agree to the first product, in a sense, will trickle over to the next one, and the next one, and so forth. Truthfully, this is a hugely powerful practice in business.

Furthermore, you can do this by putting your buyers in front of your emails with an optin download or free product—a “giveaway.” To take it a step further, if you can get someone to agree on three, the ones after that will be almost automatic! This is called a “sales process”.

Taking your prospect on a journey and allowing them to commit to one, two or more items will develop trust. And, you may just have them as a potential buyer way into the future!

best conversion landing pages


When we think in terms of reverse psychology, we think along the terms of “a freebie.” Giving something away for free or extremely cheap will form a commitment. Respectively, your prospective buyer will feel an obligation to you as a “thank you.” This is done without a conscious mind. Of course, with this added value, trust, once again, is developed.

It’s like handing out tickets at a social gathering and offering a free gift when they get there. They get a sense of curiosity and become almost sentimental—more psychology.

There is a practice called the Law of Reciprocity. It is a “mutual exchange of privileges.” When you give something of value away to someone, that person feels committed to repay the favor.

Additionally, it’s the same in a store when you receive free samples of food. You feel obligated to buy. So, tell me you haven’t purchased something after eating the sample! It’s called “forced play.”


Now, let’s think in terms of online marketing. By giving someone a free eBook or course, they just committed to you by giving you their email address. And, now you have them in the door! They are committed! So, in getting to know the psychology behind a person’s actions, you will get to know the process of landing pages and how they help with conversions.

Fascinatingly, the psychology of human behavior exemplifies how the brain works in certain circumstances. Therefore, this demonstrates the similarities between people and sales. Plus, putting heart into the equation will help to maximize your conversions.

best conversion landing pages


Amazingly, there are literally hundreds of different techniques to use with landing pages to get them to convert. Russell Brunson, in his FREE books Expert Secrets and Dot Com Secrets, explains these various ways in which to build them. Here, you will learn the 6 methods he uses to increase profitability.

Once these remedies are learned, you will know numerous ways to earn money using these unique and essential landing pages and sales funnels. 

Here’s a look into these 2 FREE, yet priceless books:

  1. Learn what Russell’s reference to the blue ocean vs. the red ocean conundrum is. (sharks vs. low competition)
  2. Be amazed by Vince Chan and his sales totaling $100,000,000 selling supplements through his sales funnels. This is his “star story–” the star being his customers and their struggles to meet certain challenges
  3. Be moved by Jason Fladlien’s account of grossing over $100,000,000 in webinar sales. He uses a technique called the “5 curiosity hooks.” These 5 hooks will increase conversions to maximum levels for any business. Here, he reveals numerous things to his listeners that they are totally unaware of. The plot thickens!
  4. Find out about the “ask campaign.” This is where you “ask” your audience what they are looking for. This is to ensure that your viewers are looking for what you’re offering—where communication comes in.
  5. Make sure your audience knows the urgency of the product or service. Also portray intent and availability. Put a timer on your landing page to establish a firm and vital time limit.
  6. Be made aware of split-test variations. This is a big deal for conversions. It tests what is working and what is not. Russell explains this in detail with elaborate theories.


Expert Secrets (NEW!)

Dot Com Secrets

Funnel Hacker Cookbook. Profitable sales funnel “recipes” you can use to grow your business. 

I hope you will enjoy your road to success with these awesome tools. They will get you to levels you have only imagined!


H. Erin Nelson

HEN Affiliates


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