The Simplest Ways to Survive Google’s Newest Algorithm Changes

What is a Google Algorithm? What is a Google Algorithm? Back in 2019, Google published advice for SEOs on how to work throughout their algorithm changes. However, what most people aren’t aware of is that Google doesn’t only update their algorithm each year, but they publish amazingly more changes on a pretty consistent basis! Interestingly, … Read more

Lifetime Credentials: 20 Honors and Awards, H. Erin Nelson

LIFETIME CREDENTIALS: 20 Honors & Awards, H. Erin Nelson Through the years of my lifetime, I have been Blessed to participate in several activities that I have been accredited kindly for. Among these credentials are the following: JUNE 29, 2013: Barnes & Noble: Book Signing/Storytime, Syracuse (Dewitt) NY Raymour & Flanigan Plaza, 3454 Erie Boulevard … Read more

14 Best Dell Laptops

DELL—IN A LEAGUE ALL THEIR OWN. Best Dell Laptops: Amazingly, in 1971, the PC phenomenon hit the world, stirring up an unbelievable sweep of excitement that has continued right up until today. Yes, beginning with the desktop computer and leading to the portable laptop computer, people from all types of businesses can take their work … Read more

Tools to Make Money Online

Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy Keyword & Niche Research Pinterest “Points” SiteRubix Free Website Free Make Money Online Guide Get Response RankMath, SEO Plugin for WordPress Share A Sale: Complete Affiliate Marketing Place to Get Affiliates Global MoneyLine: Draw Links & Conversions from All Over the World WebTalk: Social Network of Entrepreneurs – $0 to Join

9 Unexpected Ways GoDaddy vs. Wealthy Affiliate: Review

GoDaddy or the Wealthy Affiliate University? GoDaddy: Is it all that’s it’s cracked up to be, or is there a better company out there? Name: GoDaddy Website URL: HEN Affiliates Ranking: 3.8 out of 5.0 Website Builders Used: WordPress Quick Start / GoCentral Services: Domains / Websites / WordPress / Hosting / Web Security / … Read more

The 12 Best Ways to Utilize Success Through Positive Mental Attitude

THE BEGINNING PHASES OF SUCCESS. The Wonderful World of Online affiliate Marketing! Success Through Positive Mental Attitude: Every successful journey begins with an idea—one thought that is planted deep within your mind. As it begins to grow and flourish, the seeds of that idea begin to grow. But, in order for them to take off, … Read more

How “If vs. When” Made Me a Better Person

IF vs. WHEN: NOT IN GRAMMAR, BUT IN LIFE! YES, YOUR WORDS DICTATE THE PATH YOUR LIFE WILL TAKE! True, we have all heard of determining in what circumstances to use “if” or “when” in regards to grammar. So, in conditional statements, they can be interchangeable. However, in certain cases, using “when” instead of “if” … Read more