12 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneur Ideas Are Bringing Back Sexy

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women entrepreneur ideas
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12 Entrepreneur Ideas:

  1. Born out of necessity
  2. Yearning for a better lifestyle
  3. Creating a trade and bringing out your purpose
  4. Following your passion
  5. Taking that leap of faith
  6. Stepping up to the plate with women power
  7. Knowing that failure is not an option!
  8. Establishing a workable atmosphere
  9. Staying on a self-satisfying path through creativity and motivation
  10. Making your own way in life
  11. Working with integrity, heart and a positive mental attitude
  12. Staying determined, focused resourceful, no matter what storms arise

In order to fit these 12 ideas into your plan of action, you must believe in your self-worth!

Plus, with all these ideas, you need to find a good business plan and stick with it.

Let’s dive deeper into this!


Women Entrepreneur Ideas. If you ask any of the thousands of women entrepreneurs or even famous women of the world how they got started, you would hear the most motivating responses! Yes, most of them would admit that they didn’t have a great desire at first. But, that it was born out of necessity. In fact, they yearn for a better lifestyle, and were forced to get creative and learn a trade.


If we look at famous singers, the majority of them began to sing at the very beginning of their life. Take, for instance, Taylor Swift. She started writing songs and performing very early in life, and by the age of only 14, was the youngest artist to be signed by a record label! All because she followed her passion and simply worked hard having fun creating!

You may be in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s. Whatever age, are you doing everything you can to fulfill your passion? Have you a detailed plan to get to your successful destination? Well then, you can tell yourself, I think it is high time I did something to take that leap of faith. Yes, Make your passion shine!

women entrepreneur ideas

women entrepreneur ideas
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“Strongly, women have a natural ability to put their head into things and come out polished, refined and full of power!”

~ H. Erin Nelson ~

Thus, for some women, the dream to be their own boss has grown for a long time. In fact, maybe even years may go by before it finally has taken root from just one, tiny seed. And, when it has grown, it strengthens into great success!

Most importantly, stepping up to the plate is what so many women do nowadays. And, women power has been increasing through the past decades!

Yes, women entrepreneur ideas are on the rise!

women entrepreneur ideas
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“My path to self employment seemed to me, a natural evolution. My desire to build, create, and learn, surpasses my fear. Every challenge I’m faced with now, becomes a greater experience of learning my true power.”

~ Sue Bryce ~


women entrepreneur ideas

Needless to say, many woman feel that the more money they make, the more they discover their self-worth. Therefore, their inability to accept failure as an option, is the profound essence of what women entrepreneurs are all about! And, they blatantly would not accept “no” as an answer!

Yes, women entrepreneur ideas make sense!

“The people who told me no, were the people who eventually told me yes.”

~ Sophia Amoruso ~


Thankfully, woman entrepreneurs feel that it is never about the work, but rather, the work environment. Thus, establishing a workable atmosphere creates vast avenues of perpetual satisfaction. And, it fluctuates creativity, motivation and a self-satisfying path. Ideally, making their own way in life is important to endless women who have jumped on the bandwagon. In fact, they have gone to great lengths to succeed! That means, whether they succeed in a shared space with work companions or in their nice, comfortable home, it doesn’t matter.

women entrepreneur ideas
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“This year, I celebrate 20 years in business for myself. It hasn’t always been easy, but it continues to bring me great joy and satisfaction.”

~ Pamela Slim ~


Truthfully, everything always happens in life for a distinct reason! Perhaps, your time to prosper hasn’t come yet. Or, perhaps you are waiting for that right moment when you will get ready to fly. Incidentally, it may be a year from now, or it may be next week. So, whenever it happens, it will be GREAT!

…and, rest assured, it WILL happen!

women entrepreneur ideas
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After all, we are women of the world–true conquerors!

Yes, women entrepreneur ideas are empowering!

women entrepreneur ideas

“I decided to become a business owner after I was looked over for a promotion while nine months pregnant. Six months after my daughter was born, I started a little niche website and community. I then purchased an existing blog business, and almost overnight, started making more money than I had in my previous job.”

~ Tara Gentile ~

So, here’s a great opportunity for you!

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women entrepreneur ideas


Yes, women entrepreneur ideas are world famous!

women entrepreneur ideas

Thankfully, there are stunningly gifted females that make this world better. Yes, their hand in business has, over the years, brought an astounding change for the better into existence! Phenomenally, the capabilities that women were created to possess, puts us on the high road to freedom! Plus, existing in a world mainly dominated by men in most industries, hasn’t halted women creators and inventors. In fact, creativity is an ongoing and expanding gift they thrive at!

Take J Lo, for instance. She is one of the most famous women to make a huge impact on the world. She is known for her inner and outer beauty, her strength and stamina, and her unique desire to accomplish more and more each day. Not only that, but Jennifer Lopez is one of the most influential women of our day. Yes, women empowerment is definitely on the rise!

Yes, women entrepreneur ideas have catapulted!

“The year following my graduation from Cornell, my mom died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. It took me the ensuing 5 years to understand the lesson in her passing. Life is too short to do something you don’t love. She had been a maverick in her field, an Oscar winning actress who knew at age 7 what she wanted. It took me a bit longer. My advice is to find what lights you up, and do whatever it takes to make it happen. You will meet with unexpected success.”

~ Melissa Galt ~



Unfortunately, there are so many women in the world who were forced to make ends meet from a break up. Yes, and the numbers still climb today. But, they say that something good always comes from something bad. And, women will always rise up again to meet any challenge! No, they cannot be defeated!

Thankfully, by reading quotes from empowered women of today, you can identify that similar entrepreneurial seed—within yourself.

~ H. Erin Nelson ~


So, two years ago, I found myself down and my world caving in on me financially. However, there was no way I would remain that way. After all, I have had several accomplishments. First, I am a children’s author with three published books on the best-seller shelves. Secondly, I design professional websites. It’s true, it was bringing in good money. But, not nearly enough to keep me going for any amount of time.

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Now, I have all the sites I need to design and sell. And, I have used six for my own businesses!

Yes, women entrepreneur ideas are creative!

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women entrepreneur ideas
women entrepreneur ideas

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“So, now as a woman entrepreneur, I can write and design to my heart’s content! Yes, it’s the perfect job and platform for me! After all, my female friends, we are MORE than conquerors!” Faithfully,

~ H. Erin Nelson ~

Always remember, dear ladies, that you are beautiful. You were created for great accomplishments in this world. You truly have it in you to excel beyond comprehension. Take a subtle step forward into who you are—deep within yourself. I think you’ll find the stunning woman you want to be. Capture her and release all the wonderful and precious gifts she carries inside of her. You may be amazed at all she has to offer the world. You are capable of anything you set your mind on! Go now, and be the woman you know you can be!

~ H. Erin Nelson

Thank you for reading, Ladies!

XOXO, Erin

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women entrepreneur ideas
HEN Affiliates

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    • Hey, Dhayours! I was wondering if I’d get any comments from the guys! I wrote it with all my Pinterest friends in mind—ha, ha! Actually, I would love every women in the world to read it! My favorite blog posts to write are those that pour out great motivation and self-worth, as there’s way too little of that today.

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