How to Write for a Blog in 9 Easy Steps and Get Massive Success

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how to write for a blog
HEN Affiliates

How to Write for a Blog

how to write for a blog
HEN Affiliates

Interestingly enough, making a blog site is one thing—achieving success with your blog is quite another. So, taking action and working consistently will get it off the ground running! To do this, focus your time and effort on steps that work, instead of clowning around with things that don’t.

For example, there are many directions you can take with a blog to make it well-known and active. Therefore, putting an ample amount of dedication into it will help it to thrive. But, writing just every once in awhile, however, will keep it monotone and stagnant.

How to Write for a Blog


So, I’ve put together for you 9 actions to take that will set your blog up for massive success. Yes, I want to make it easy for you to reap the benefits that a blog can bring by simply setting aside an hour or so to review these steps and to think about how you’ll implement them. Needless to say, the more actions you complete, the better progress you will make. And, the more you’ll profit.

How to Write for a Blog


Okay, if you’re a beginner, you’ll have to dive into each one. However, for all those who have their blog up and running, you may have done some of these. At any rate, it’s a great review and guideline in the blogging process. Plus, in reviewing them, you may have missed some crucial steps in moving forward. So, listen up! Because, the following tips will bring great magnitude and traffic to your site, making it become profitable!


Do you have a  website or blog?

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how to write for a blog

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How to Write for a Blog


how to write for a blog

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How to Write for a Blog

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How to Write for a Blog


Are you building an email list?

If not, and are a new blogger, this is a consistent way to drive customers to your website! Furthermore, it will help you gain the direct ability to communicate with your followers.

First, sign up for a Free 30-day Trial at GetResponse. Yes, this email carrier comes highly recommended as one of the best and most efficient email, landing page, autoresponder and branding platforms. Furthermore, you can manage all your contacts and metrics in one place!

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how to write for a blog

So, once you sign up for your Free 30-Day Trial, you can browse around their website to get a full understanding of all the valuable tools offered.

How to Write for a Blog


Second, when you’re more familiar with the platform, create a “FORM” for your website. And, this will be an email opt-in to gather your subscribers. So, when creating it, offer a FREE giveaway in return for their First Name and Email.

For example, the giveaway can be a niche-related eBook you’ve written, a MMO (Make Money Online) Guide, a video series or course you’ve mapped out. Also, it can be a whole toolbox of resources—anything that will be helpful in providing solutions. Then, place this form in the top widget of your website and on your ABOUT page. Furthermore, you can add it to the sidebar, and work it within a few posts.


Next, write a series of emails that coincide with your giveaway. For example, an Online Email Series to give your subscribers valuable information about your subject. Finally, this will provide and lead them to your goal—signing them up with a program or service you’re providing.

Definitely, this process of building an email list is pertinent to drawing conversions.


And, another way to do this is to create a landing page with your email opt-in. GetResponse supplies hundreds of landing page templates, so you can find that perfect one that’s in tune with your website or blog.

Truthfully, you will want to start your email list right away! In fact, the sooner you do this, the faster your list will grow. And, the more traffic you’ll get to your site—all leading to sales!

How to Write for a Blog


  • Sign up for a free Pro 30-Day Trial at GetResponse. (An upgrade after the 30-day trial is under $15 a month.) Then, join their referral program and make $30 credit toward future bill payments for every friend who joins! (Tutorials and Walk-Throughs are available on GetResponse).Prepare for your Subscriber List—Decide and create a free giveaway to include on your Opt-In Form. Write a series of emails by clicking “Email Marketing” at GetResponse. Create an Opt-In Form with your free giveaway, and place it on your website.
  • Make a landing page with an Opt-In to link to your website. (Having 2 places allowing an Opt-In will increase subscribers.)
  • Set everything up so that when visitors Opt-In to your landing page or form, they will receive your free giveaway and email series.


how to write for a blog
HEN Affiliates

Ideally, are you creating steady content for your site? Well, now that your site is set up and ready to go, you must begin writing your niche-related content. However, if ideas don’t come easy, you can do some research on Google for guidance. Also, when a brilliant idea crops up in your head, it is great to keep a Blog Journal. This way, you always have a collection of topics to write about!

So, for this, you can use either Google Doc, a good ole-fashioned notebook journal, or write your ideas in a Word Doc on your computer. Or, you can even take “notes” on your phone.

How to Write for a Blog

how to write for a blog
HEN Affiliates




  • Write down all your thoughts and ideas relating to your niche.
  • Keep them somewhere that you can easily look them up.
  • This way, you’ll always have suggestions and subjects to write about on a consistent basis!


how to write for a blog
HEN Affiliates

Do you have a Social Media presence?

If not, you will want to establish business pages on Social Media platforms, and draw your readers to them. Remember, post on them continually to gain a following. And, make sure your reply to comments, interact whenever possible and keep it personal! Then, add Social Media links from your website to each Social Media platform.


Importantly, when working inside Wealthy Affiliate in their SiteRubix platform, WordPress offers unlimited free plugins to use. So, find a good Social Media plugin and set it up with all your Social pages. Ideally, this will then automatically appear on your website as people arrive. Furthermore, it provides and draws interest to your Social pages, giving people more reason to Opt-In to your offers. And, it helps them gather more valuable information!


Interestingly, this is a massive marketing opportunity that establishes great outreach. So, when people visit your site and like the posts you write, they’re more likely to “Follow” you on some Social Media platforms—like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

How to Write for a Blog


  • Join/create business pages on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and/or any others you choose.
  • Download a Social plugin from your WordPress website, and set it up on your site.
  • Post daily on the various Social Media platforms, offering links to posts on your website. Encourage people to “Share” your links! There are millions, if not billions of users on each Social Media platform

How to Write for a Blog

So, it’s a gold mind just waiting to get discovered!


Why should people want to read YOUR blog instead of the thousands of competitive sites out there that they could visit?

Most importantly, this is where you step up the SEO! Yes, refining Search Engine Optimization on your site will act like a magnet in attracting buyers. To do this, you will need to choose related keywords that have the right pull.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a free service called Jaaxy Keyword & Niche Research.

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how to write for a blog

Also, WA provides you with an ALL-IN-ONE SEO plugin with each site you design, to help you get your site in tune with the Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Truthfully, this “special sauce” of a plugin will help get your site noticed on the Searches. Plus, it will draw Organic Traffic.

So, working on your SEO will consist of many things to get each post ready for publication. For example, it will prompt you to fill in your SEO Title, Meta Tag, Keyword/Keyword Phrase and Image Tag.

How to Write for a Blog


  • To prepare your site for SEO, work with Jaaxy Keyword & Niche Research. Do research on this platform to find the perfect Keywords and Keyword Titles and Phrases. You can also use Jaaxy to find a great domain name with keyword-rich words! Read my Jaaxy Review to find out more.
  • Fine tune your site with WA’s SEO All-In-One plugin. Prepare each page and post using this plugin. There will be a place to fill in all the appropriate information at the bottom of each page and post.

At the end of each Post you write, ask your visitors to comment below. Getting feedback and giving thoughts will help promote your site and draw in more traffic. It’s a great way to interact and make things more personal. Google loves that, too, and will rank you up on the Searches! Also, always reply by throwing some questions back. This will increase your comment feed!


Have you highlighted your best posts? Evidently, when potential buyers land on your site, they will want to see some great content immediately!

Creatively, the best place to do this is in your Side Bar. Yes, create banners that link to some of your posts. Make your Side Bar a kind of navigation menu to draw incomers to your best posts.

Also, add a “Start Here” heading on your Main Top Links and list the posts you want them to read first. However, choosing what posts are your best is up to you. So, you could choose the ones with the most comments, posts that are the most clicked on in Google Analytics, or ones that are the trendiest.

How to Write for a Blog


  • Highlight your best posts in the sidebar by creating flashy banners. Link them to your posts.
  • Add a “Start Here” heading to your Main Top Links with a dropdown menu of your best posts. (Ones that you will want your visitors to view first.)

NOTE: Go to Google Analytics and set up an account, listing your website. Get your Google Analytics ID for your site. In your All-In-One SEO plugin, go to “General Settings,” scroll down to Google Analytics ID and type in your ID#. Then click SAVE at the bottom. This will allow you to track your traffic!


Are you maximizing your income? If not, when you’ve established a good deal of content on your site, you can think about advertising. And, a great way to trickle in some income is to add advertisements. One way, is to join Google AdSense and list niche-related ads in your Side Bar.

Preferably, this is a great time to join some affiliates / affiliate platforms and sell their products! Here are some of the best that I’ve thoroughly researched:

  1. ClickFunnels
  2. ShareASale/Awin
  3. JVZoo
  4. ClickBank
  5. VigLink
  6. Rakuten


You can also create your own banner ads, or use ones provided by the affiliates—linking them to your affiliate products and services.

Yes, adding Ads is a great resource for passive income!


  • Join AdSense and place niche-related ads in the Side Bar and among the pages of your content.
  • Sign up with other affiliates (listed above) and promote their products/services on your site.
  • Make your own banner ads of the affiliates you’ve joined, or use their banners to promote. Post them on your Side Bar and within your posts.


Are you interested in increasing your traffic to the next level? Okay, the following resources are part of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training. You will be able to take this course when you upgrade to a Premium account (as discussed above.)


People love visuals! So, why not get a YouTube account and make videos! Posting videos on your website will totally increase the traffic!


When your site is converting well, now may be the time to think about advancing a little with Pay Per Click Ads. This is when you invest some money each day and are charged when people click on the ads you post.

Pod Casts

Running a LIVE Pod Cast on your site will bring visitors who can interact with you right then and there! This is an amazing service to offer you buyers!


Making a voice audio is the next best thing to videos! Supplying information by voice is a great way to advance your marketing expertise!


Writing eBooks (as explained above) serves as a helpful purpose to your seekers. You can sell them on your site or use them as Opt-In giveaways!


Guest Bloggers

Intriguingly, inviting expert bloggers to write a special post for your site is a perfect way to draw interest. So, in doing this, you will create a trustworthy appeal to your visitors, as well as establish authority to your site. And, you can create a special page for your Guest Bloggers with links to their posts!

Well, it is totally up to you what content tools you use to draw more traffic. Truthfully, the most important thing is getting your voice, products, services and information out there where it will have an impact! So, you can add one, two or all at your own pace.

How to Write for a Blog


Are you thoroughly focused on your blog?

Yes, I actually saved the best for last! I listed it at the end so that you could take in the previous steps and get motivated!

Now, think of why you are blogging, and then make it about solving people’s challenges! Yes, focusing on others keeps your mindset intact. So, when doing this first, the income will quickly present itself.

Sentimentally, wanting to help others will increase productivity and make things flow easily. Ideally, your blog should bring a certain timely and interesting presence that entices readers. So, your top priority is to solve problems, address people’s needs, fulfill desires, inspire and enlighten viewers!


Also, to develop the proper mindset, you must write down short and long-term goals. So, what do you want to accomplish in a certain time frame? For Instance, whether it is money, fame, followers or recognition, write it all down and look at it often.

How to Write for a Blog



  • Make your blogging all about helping others. Lift their spirits with your content!
  • Write down short and long-term goals to help you remain motivated, and to keep on schedule!


What would you add to this list?

Excitedly, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, comments and any questions you may have! So, if you liked this post and found it helpful, please share it on FaceBook and/or Twitter.

NOTE: Also, for things I didn’t go into great detail about, it will all be included in your Online Entrepreneur Certification Training at Wealthy Affiliate!


how to write for a blog

How to Write for a Blog

how to write for a blog
HEN Affiliates

Please comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts and any questions you may have!


10 thoughts on “How to Write for a Blog in 9 Easy Steps and Get Massive Success”

  1. I have been online for quite some time now, and although I already follow some of these steps, I noticed that I have actually not done some of these on my website. For example, the use of side banners on a website. I always thought that these could be done for mostly adverts. and not for blog posts.

    I had no idea I could be linking to some of my best contents by using banners. This is something I am going to have to look into and try to figure out how I can get this done. This was really important and I have not been doing this on my site. I am really happy I came across your post. Thanks a lot.

    • Hello, Jay and nice to talk with you! It’s good to open your eyes up to the steps you hadn’t taken into consideration before. It’s also helpful to see how others set up their sites, in order to gain insight and gather ideas. Being on this journey has taught me to be open to all sorts of possibilities. And, getting creative is a huge part of that.

      You can add a sidebar to either just your home page, or to all your post pages (which is what I did). I wish you much success! 

      Come by often and let me know how you’re doing with your website! 

      Erin :)!

  2. Writing a blog is an online job, one which I have applied for. However, I have really been searching for guidelines on how to write for a blog. I’m glad I came across this post because it has taught me everything I need to know concerning writing blog content. I will keep checking up on your site to get more updates.

    • Hey, Dhayours! I’m glad you found my site and got some great tips on beginning your blog! Having similar niches will allow you to gain a wealth of information from my posts, in order to learn more of how blogging and Affiliate Marketing work. I appreciate you stopping in and will talk to you again, I’m sure!

      Erin :)!

  3. Hey there Erin

    Great, great, GREAT post! I love it! This is a guide you could write and publish a book online with. Totally informative, totally helpful! I have already bookmarked it and will follow it. Especially the part about email marketing, which I need to set up and get going.

    I believe though that Action 9, Mindset and Goals precede all the others. You need to have the right mindset and goals, as well as an actionable plan before embarking into this journey.

    My two cents 🙂


    • Hi, Marios! Thanks so much for coming by! I’m happy you enjoyed reading my post!

      Maybe I WILL write an eBook based on it. (I also have a post on How to Publish an eBook on Kindle!) LOL! Yes, you may need to refer back to this post as you work. There are some great guidelines to go by.

      I agree with you that mindset and goals are most important when beginning (in any business venture). However, I actually saved the best for last, and listed them at the end so that visitors could take in all the previous steps and get motivated! –A little reverse psychology there! Ha, ha! 

      I wish you all the best getting your email marketing campaign set up! Nice chatting with you!

      Erin :)!

  4. Hi H. Erin,

    This article is very informative and helpful. 

    The 9 steps outlined herein are the main framework for the success of every blogger. I would say having the right mindset is the most important aspect in conducting our online business. Just like any brick and mortar business, we must devote our time and effort before we see significant results.

    For those who wish to start up an online business, l would advise you to learn up these steps by taking a course with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Zayn! You have stated some great points here, my friend! Yes, once your mind is set on success, nothing can stop you! Training, training and more training is needed to progress, and Wealthy Affiliate covers all the details. Take good care!

      Erin :)!

  5. Well Erin this a fantastic assembly of information for someone to make an informed decision to join Wealthy Affiliate!

    If I wasn’t a member already I would have no hesitation to join Wealthy Affiliate . This is a very good explanation of how WA works and, it’s the very reason why I joined. I couldn’t be more happy and proud to be a member of this fantastic company with all it has to offer.

    I checked out many companies before I joined WA and none of them came close to what WA has to offer!

    You have done an amazing job of explaining WA and how it works. Like I said, if I wasn’t already a member, I would be joining after reading all the info. you have here!

    • Hey, John! Thanks for reading my post and I love your enthusiasm for Wealthy Affiliate. There is a wide range of tasks that go into building an Affiliate Marketing business online. And, WA certainly provides all the knowledge and guidance we need to be successful! I wish you all the best!

      Erin :)!


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