The Only 11 Resources Ever Needed for How To Get a More Traffic Blog

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how to get a more traffic blog
HEN Affiliates
HEN Affiliates

How to Get a More Traffic Blog. Question, why stay tied down to a single source of revenue? In fact, the truth is that there are a vast amount of potential options online to get commissions! Yes, THAT is the beauty of the internet! So, why restrict yourself?! Here, I am ready to show you how to combine sales options with traffic sources. Now, let me tell you what I mean.

So, since you are begging to know, here is my question. Why do some marketers get hung up on creating one source of income, when MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME are all the rage on the web? Well, there are options to maximize this in regard to BUILDING SALES FUNNELS ONLINE!

how to get a more traffic blog
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First, let’s get centered on magnetizing your traffic. After all, it has a direct effect on how you BUILD your funnel. Most definitely, traffic is of vital importance! So, keep THIS in mind—the more customers you have, the more products and content you should have. Yes, packing your site FULL of trendy content in the form of Reviews, HOW TOs, Empowering posts and unique articles will gradually draw in the visitors!

Therefore, when writing content, you MUST focus on answering questions that you believe people will want the answers for. And, the bigger the POOL of posts, the bigger your audience! Remember, it isn’t only about the number of posts, but the quality information you supply.

Inevitably, the more VALUABLE articles, the more VALUABLE traffic—and the more VALUABLE conversions!


Many marketers pay for traffic. PAID TRAFFIC comes from:

  • Sponsored content
  • Display and banner ads
  • Paid search—Google AdWords
  • Social media ads

ORGANIC TRAFFIC, however, is a result of UNPAID search results.

In other words, organic traffic is when someone is looking for a specific product or solution to a challenge, using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Of course, organic traffic is much more cost-effective. However, paid traffic usually results in more immediate sales.

It is true, both types bring in valuable traffic, and whichever path you choose, funnels will greatly prosper from them!


So, when traffic arrives to your site, the next step is swaying it to your SALES FUNNEL! And, this all comes down to how your landing page is designed.

Plain and simple, a landing page is—the place where people LAND. Most likely, it is either from a link on your website or from a link posted somewhere else. At any rate, landing pages have a POINT OF INTEREST—A FREE GIVEAWAY. For example, an offer, eBook, guide, webinar, or course—some incentive that will get your visitor to CLICK or OPT IN to your SALES FUNNEL. Here, you MUST meet the visitor’s expectations so they stay and opt in! Plus, they MUST know precisely what they will be getting BEFORE reaching your sales funnel page. Knowingly, this will psych them up for your upcoming offer!

Also, not only should you offer an incentive to click on, but you should include some unique content about your giveaway. Ideally, answering great questions surrounding your gift.



ClickFunnels is a great tool in creating the perfect and high-converting sales funnel and landing page. Excitingly, their unique platform is full of incentives and excitement, all geared toward your success!

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how to get a more traffic blog


So, now that you understand more about traffic, let’s dig deeper into where it comes from. Yes, developing TRAFFIC SOURCES paves the way to your success!


Interestingly, although some may believe that email promotions will be ignored and deleted, it is quite the contrary. Thus, promoting products and services through email lists is on the rise and more prominent than ever! Furthermore, there are millions out there seeking desperately for a better life. Yes, they are looking for products, services and anything that may help them get to a better place in their life. And, this form of internet marketing is very much alive! Well, just think about the mobile marketplace where everyone is obsessed by smartphones!

Tediously clicking alerts and notifications seems to be a way of life for most, so email marketing is the perfect match! So, by building an email list, you are gathering a viral base of dedicated buyers!


Statistically speaking, email marketing on iPhones and desktops has climbed to 900 million users! Not only that, but 33% of those 900 million open their emails, while 75% of users access their Gmail accounts on a regular basis via mobile. Hence, the myth of emails fading out is untrue.

On the contrary, a vast majority are excited and hungry for new messages!

Black Friday sales continue on an all-time high each year. Not only do people shop in physical storefronts, but through emails, landing pages and sales funnels, too—providing sales of products and services of every kind!

To take it a step further, about 90% of all marketers say that email campaigns are their main source of generating leads. Therefore, not all emails are spam! In fact, there has been a great paradigm shift in the direction of email marketing. And, people are getting more professional and less spam-oriented! The reason? Email campaigns are a means to future online accomplishments, and a source of great conversions!

how to get a more traffic blog
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All-in-one GetResponse Online Marketing Platform Can Grow Your Business!

Another great Traffic Source platform that works well along side of ClickFunnels is GetResponse.


Well, in order to capture “leads,” you will need an email AUTORESPONDER. This will automatically collect names and will start sending them emails that you create, in order to build that relationship—and that trust!

Once you have their names (subscriber list) and have gained their trust, you’ll make money. Yes, the money is in the list! And, you’ll want to begin building yours early on!

So, there are many autoresponders out there that you can use. However, many of them don’t like affiliate marketers.


Well, I’ve been safe with GetResponse, and you can get a 30-day FREE trial! Go HERE and check them out! Also, when the 30 days are up, an upgrade is less than $15 a month! 

And, other than the affordable price, I can truly recommend the quality of their email campaigns, landing pages, pop up templates, etc. So, they are, by far, the best I’ve used (and I’ve used Mail Chimp and AWeber, too!) Furthermore, GetResponse is a trusted name and has been in business for a long time.


  • Email marketing—For effective campaigns, closer connections, and more impact.
  • Marketing Automation—Scalable and grows with your business. “Whatever your idea, we’ll help you bring it to life.”
  • Landing Pages—Get more leads, land more revenue.
  • Webinars—Get in front of your audience and get qualified leads with top training webinars.

They offer a user-friendly training platform that teaches you how to create beautiful Emails, Landing Pages and so much more!

TRY GetResponse FREE for 30 DAYS. It’s really a NO-BRAINER!


H. Erin Nelson

So, YES, email marketing is an essential part of your online business. It has been in my business, and brings in the money, for sure!

Do it right—from the start—get yourself set up with email marketing. Check out GetResponse below and start building your own email list today! Email marketing—For effective campaigns, closer connections, and more impact.

how to get a more traffic blog


Placing ads on a blog may seem like a distraction to some. However, many marketers find their conversions increase when this traffic source is applied. And, blogs have so much to offer in the way of answering questions to people’s challenges. Supplying affiliate-related links throughout a blog actually gives your visitors more ideas that may trigger vast avenues. Plus, promoting products and services related to what you’re writing about, adds a certain flair and intrigue. This gives your customers more to think about!


Creating content around your products is a great way to gather ideas surrounding what you are promoting—instead of the other way around. Say, you are selling an affiliate program. And, you might write keyword rich posts focused on ways affiliate marketing works, how to work it, or top programs involved. Truthfully, there are hundreds of post ideas to write about, completely centered around the subject! So, seeking blogs that coincide with your niche is, most definitely, the secret sauce for any great marketer!


Guest Blogging is a unique “hidden gem” when it comes to promoting your “authority” on the web. Becoming a GUEST BLOGGER and/or inviting GUEST BLOGGERS to post on your website develops camaraderie and expertise intentions. Amazingly, this is a HUGE traffic incentive that lures interest greatly! It will, in turn, not only get your products and services in front of more eyes, but will make for a wonderful and inviting setting!

In turn, this will also build backlinks to your site to drive future traffic. Therefore, reaching out to your fellow bloggers is truly worth the time and attention! Plus, it creates a vessel for communication!



So, in order to promote affiliate links on a blog, you need a blog, dah! SiteRubix is an outstanding website platform that offers so much to enhance your Online Business! Amazingly, they allow marketers to create the Most Powerful Websites in the World!

“Every successful online business starts with a solid foundation, a website. It is not just about websites though.” SiteRubix (inside Wealthy Affiliate) “has some of the most useful and integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking, and security included within your platform. Features that are not offered anywhere else in the world. The website platform is ridiculously easy to use, yet very advanced. Building beautiful websites has never been this awesome.”

SiteRubix boasts in providing:

3,000+ Beautiful Website Designs
51,973 Website Feature “Add Ons”
SiteDomains – The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
SiteSpeed – Amplify Your Website Speed
SiteProtect – Increased Spam Protection
SiteHealth – Website Analysis
SiteComments – Explode Your Website Engagement
SiteFeedback – A Focus Group for Your Website
Advanced Website Training – Professional training classes & webinars
SiteSSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)


how to get a more traffic blog



You know, we have all been crazily annoyed at those flashing banner ads that represent a spam-look. However, what if we, instead, create our OWN banner ads? Interestingly, making banner ads more clean and professional will alleviate the look of spam, having a better opportunity for clicks.

Also, including rich content on your banner ads will explain what the ad actually is about. Thus, increasing the click-through rate! In turn, creating legitimate value and being open and honest within your banner ads will target more conversions—happily, leading to the right users and customers.


Distinctly, where your ads appear is key in drawing attention to them. Pleasingly, your professionally-designed banner ads will create a trustworthy appearance on your website. Therefore, placing them on the sidebar with clean titles will be a plus. And, putting them among content after related paragraphs is another great place to display them.

Yes, banner ads do have their place in the current world of marketing if they are implemented correctly. Building banners that spark excitement will dramatize the interest of your audience. Therefore, you will be making them more clickable. And, visitors won’t consider themselves about to be spammed. Following such principles as these will also increase your conversions.


No Surprise, one of the massive and most popular forms of traffic sources is social media advertising. Yes, platforms like FaceBook and Instagram have proven amazing conversions by promoting posts through advertising. However, although they both have strict guidelines, posting ads on social media has been running rampant. Just visit both of these platforms and you’ll see what I mean!


Mark Zuckerberg’s phenomenally-successful platforms draw an insane ONE BILLION visitors daily (FB) and 400 MILLION visitors daily (Instagram—expecting to hit 2.8 billion by next year). Interestingly, the recent changes to the algorithms on these platforms in 2018 has increased ad promotions and sales dramatically, making the two the highlight of social media. So, with this incredible REACH, FB and Instagram have gone to new heights to up ad offers, developing a new outreach to marketers.


Unfortunately, this pretty much leaves platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube in the dust in way of advertising. However, because of this wild increase in ad promotion, FB and Instagram, like Apple and Amazon, have become household names—-brands at their best! Therefore, by hosting their ads, YOU also become established as a trusted brand. And, with their high-performance call-to-action choices and reasonable budget, it may be fun to dip into it a little!

Zuckerberg’s new “baby” (Instagram) is a close second to FB. And, a snapshot into the future of photo marketers proves quite promising. Instagram’s photo ads that include content and hashtags for more audience reach, seem to be scouring the globe! So, this makes Instagram the world’s fastest-growing platform. Again, a close second to FaceBook!


Statistics prove why GOOGLE ADS are the salt and pepper of marketers, and have been for a long time now. Thus, Google made $50 Billion in net ad revenue last year alone! Although these types of ads deal with a “balancing act” in order to reap your reward, most feel it is the way to go, And furthermore, making it difficult to set the scales right with Google Ads has, of course, increased revenue for Google.

So, there must be a great deal of research involved before one spends their hard-earned money trying. When getting content posts in the top spots on Google, makes this, in turn, a much worthy investment. Many feel it is worth the risk, and that in the long run, success will come.

There is a lot involved with the process of Google Ads:

  • Understanding your competitors
  • Targeting keywords
  • SEO strategy

However, all this will teach you about what roads your competitors are taking. Learning what keywords are converting, you can gather a more precise understanding of your competition. Let me put it to you this way—Google Ads (AdWords) is a perfect way to test your site’s behavior and your content’s role in the conversion process. Plus, you can then find out the influence certain posts are having on your buyer—what is working and what isn’t.



Grow your Online Business with an essential Affiliate Marketing platform. Wealthy Affiliate offers a multitude of tools and resources to succeed into the future!

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We all have a hobby or something that gets us excited and motivated when we think about it. It only takes one idea to create a very successful business online. Don’t have any ideas? No problem, Wealthy Affiliate will help you choose a direction of your business from over 1,000,000 different niches.




how to get a more traffic blog





Jaxxy is a keyword search platform within Wealthy Affiliate. And, as their Starter Membership and SiteRubix platform, Jaaxy is free to use, as well, and with upgrade capabilities.

It has one of the best affiliate programs available anywhere on the internet.  Thus, you can refer people to Jaaxy and earn consistent revenue!

“Jaaxy — is the Research Platform Chosen by the most Successful Entrepreneurs in the World.”

Jaaxy is a Keyword Search goldmine that enhances SEO, specifies what keywords rank the best, shows average monthly searches, finds statistics on monthly traffic and more! However, you won’t know until you try it!


Search a word or phrase that relates to your site HERE.

how to get a more traffic blog

So, with a free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership, you also get access to SiteRubix and Jaaxy! Plus, SO much more! Try it out!




This Guide to making money online will walk you through the process of how to get started with Affiliate Marketing. Here, you will learn how to begin, run and succeed with your Online Business. Furthermore, all the tools and resources described in this post will play an important role in your upcoming business, as you wade through the web.

However, when you get my Guide, you will also receive my ONLINE TRAINING COURSE and 6-day email ONLINE TRAINING SERIES!

A complete package and great deal for visiting my page today and reading this post!

how to get a more traffic blog
how to get a more traffic blog

This is a complete 2019 Make Money Online Guide and package with a step-by-step path to reach your success!


“Flow” streams into your Online Marketing Business and Sales Funnels with these necessary Traffic Sources. If you do, they will produce the “dream traffic” that you are so passionately working to acquire! So, which ones do you think YOU will implement? Or, maybe you’ll try them all! Conveniently, they all right here—in one place—and they give you all that you’ll need to succeed online.

Thanks for reading and please know that you are more than highly capable of creating your income blog with heart, passion and excellence!

I value your input—-So, please leave your thoughts, ideas and dreams below!


Erin :)!


how to get a more traffic blog
HEN Affiliates

I love hearing your thoughts and insight! Please leave your valuable comments below!

18 thoughts on “The Only 11 Resources Ever Needed for How To Get a More Traffic Blog”

  1. Hi Erin,

    I have been following your story for quite a while and have learned a lot of things from you. I’m currently struggling with traffic for my nearly three-year-old website and looking into sales funnels. Do you think this can work for websites that have less than 5K page views per month? If I understood well, you should have traffic to a landing page before even considering sales funnels.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi, my dear Princila! Thank you for your faithful following! Getting traffic is an ongoing challenge for us all! However, 5,000 page views a month is quite a good number, and your site may very well be ready for the next step. The main goal of any marketing strategy is to increase the number of visitors who sign up (subscribe) on your landing page. But, it is always a good idea to provide the option to buy additional related products that will a be helpful CTA (call to action) when completing the subscription. So, instead of having a single landing page, you could design and set up various types of sales funnels. I say to try it and see where it goes. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask me here or at WA.

      Happy Blessed Easter!

      Erin :)!

  2. An interesting and useful post on how to get a ‘more traffic’ blog. Starting a blog is easy these days and there are so many platforms to start one on. The idea is to get traffic to the blog you create however, so that is where your advice comes into play and can help.

    The resources and tools that you have listed are all well known and regarded platforms and sites that you can leverage your online efforts very effectively. Of the ones that you mention and highlight, I currently use three. Wealthy Affiliate, SiteRubix, and GetResponse are all working well for me.

    The path that you lay out will work for anyone that wants to learn how to get a “More Traffic Blog” and it is very possible to earn a good living by getting the training and putting these tools to good use. Thanks for the effort putting this together, many people will be helped if they follow through on your recommendations.

    • Hi, Dave and I’m glad you found my recent post on getting traffic helpful! Yes, it is a challenge that many struggle with! Implementing all six of these tools will help immensely. And, my MMO Guide is packed with informative information to help interneters of all levels progress to new heights, as well. Thanks for coming by!

      Erin :)!

  3. Hi Erin

    Wow…this is a really interesting site. Honestly, I was trying to convince myself to not review this, but then I started to read and got really interested.

    Clearly, WA is the best starting point, but adding the ClickFunnels techniques seems like a really good add-in.

    As I get more familiar and comfortable with affiliate marketing, I will likely look into more diversification and these are really good options.

    Thanks for the post.


    • Hi, Dave and thanks for your feedback! Yes, ClickFunnels, GetResponse, SiteRubix, Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy and my MMO Guide are all MUST resources when building a strong online business!

      When someone joins Wealthy Affiliate and builds a site in SiteRubix, they will also need Jaxxy to implement strong keywords, GetResponse for building an email list and ClickFunnels for CTA (call to actions). And, my MMO Guide is a great read to tie them all together!

      Come back when you’re ready to try them!

      Erin :)!

  4. Wow, this is one of the best-written articles I’ve seen on this topic! I have to admit, it can be quite a challenge to get traffic flowing sometimes, but you’ve laid out a very complete list of tips for doing so. I still consider myself a novice in these areas, so I can certainly benefit from your words. Especially where it concerns guest blogging! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • My pleasure, Mark! Happy to have you come by and glad you enjoyed my blog! I swear by these essential tools in order to market a healthy blog. Best of all, anyone can come by and click to get everything! I, for one, use them all and am seeing unheard of results! All the best to you, my friend!

      Erin :)!

  5. Hi Erin,

    I have been focusing on creating content for my website and posting to FB and Twitter, as laid exampled in WA. About a month ago after having my website on SiteRubix, I purchased my first dot com, for my site I have had since September of last year.

    Should have purchased it when Kyle told me to, but I was not ready. Clicks, although a few each day, are beginning to increase.

    Your knowledge of the different ways to increase traffic to a website is very extensive. At this time, I can not afford to pay for any extra costs. I have visitors subscribing to my website and in the beginning was not even asking them to do this. I was under the belief it would be better for me to wait until I had collected a large number of subscribed visitors before starting an email list and campaign. I have not even thought through this part yet. 

    Would you recommend using Chimp Mail (I believe that is the name) as I understand they are free to use. Would I be able to set up a landing page with them? Would I be able to set up multiple emails like you described with Get Response?

    At this point, is it even worth doing an email campaign?

    I thought pop up ads were a no no since they are annoying. I see it differently now after reading your post. Was not aware we could create our own.

    Also banner ads. And Google Ads. Neither of these had I considered, as they seem annoying but again after reading your blog and seeing it first hand, I see it does indeed look clean, professional and not annoying. All things visitors will appreciate.

    I have learned a lot in my short time, but after reading your post I see I have much more to learn.

    I was accepted in SAC 2019-2020, so hopefully it will help me learn some of the things you are now doing.

    Please send me a PM on WA since I am unsure if I will receive your reply message.

    It was a pleasure to be able to read your post!

    Proud papa of two,


    • Dear Jody, you have gotten yourself off to a great start! Yes, definitely keep getting email subscribers, as you can create as many upcoming emails as you’d like down the road. This will lead to constant and ongoing sales! Starting email marketing asap, as per my experience, is a must!

      I started off with MailChimp, but they don’t like you using affiliate links. So, I wasted a great deal of time initially with them. Then, I tried AWeber for awhile, but they were more expensive and somewhat confusing to manage.

      So, now I use GetResponse and am very happy! I tried them for a free 30-day trial and then upgraded and now pay only $13.55 a month. (I got a 15% discount a month by using an affiliate link–it was normally $15.00 a month.) You can click my link to get the same (free trial and discount with upgrade). With GetResponse, you can create unlimited email campaigns, autoresponders, landing pages, funnels and more! They’re amazing!

      You’ll be glad you are implementing Social Media, too. I especially use Pinterest and Pin all the pix in my posts daily. Pinterest is one of the highest traffic sites on Social Media!

      Read my post: How to make Pinterest Your Full-Time Job

      Also, I read my training: Pinterest Points

      As for pop-ups and affiliate links, they are the wave of the future! Although annoying to some, they add incentive and interest to so many, not to mention getting massive sales!

      Congratulations on being chosen for the Wealthy Affiliate, Super Affiliate Challenge! I will see you inside the training. I am expanding this site for the challenge! I wish you all the best!

      Erin :)!

  6. Dear Erin,

    Thanks for the article! I enjoyed it, and I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational. Being a full-time blogger looking for ways to get more traffic to my site, I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this post.

    Because I am on a budget and just starting my blogging career, I am depending on the organic traffic at the moment. Thanks for the great insights on funnels. I don’t have a proper funnel at the moment, so I’m gonna implement what I learned from your post.

    Recently, I read the Russell Brunson book Dotcomsecrets, and he spoke about the importance of funnels and recommended ClickFunnels. Your recommendation made me to think more and ClickFunnels is on my list.

    Also, I am not active on the social media platforms, and now I realized its importance and going to use it in the right way. Great article, you have really given a lot of value here.

    Much Success!


    • Hey, Paul! Thanks for the great comment, my friend! I’m happy that you found some insight here! The beauty in these tools is that you don’t have to invest a great deal of money in order to advance. People can join WA for free, create websites in SiteRubix for free and use Jaaxy for free–all on one platform. Also, you can create free funnels at ClickFunnels before an upgrade. Plus, GetResponse has a free 30-day trial and is less than $15 a month to upgrade. And, my MMO Guide is a great value at $9.73, with a wealth of information — 2 training eBooks and a 6-day email series for building an online business. Come back when you’re ready to try some resources and click through my links for value.

      Thanks again!

      Erin  :)!

  7. Honestly, I am so happy to have read your article now. Great idea and thank you so much for your time and efforts to educate us. I recently just started a blog & this information has motivated me all over again to continue being consistent with my posts. A question someone else asked that I would really be interested in the answer to, Does having the date of the post in the URL effect the SEO? 

    Thanks again for all the information!

    • Hi, Mehedi and it’s nice to see you here! I’m happy you’re finding my posts helpful, my friend! All of them are what’s trending online today. As per your question—Yes, you can list the year of your post in your title, and omit it in your keyphrase. This can make it so you don’t have to update it each year. For example, in my post, “Best MacBook Computers 2019, my keyphrase is Best MacBook Computers. I hope this answers your question!

      Come by often for more insight and information, as I publish new posts each day!

      Erin :)!

  8. This is like a road map for online success. Actions that need to be taken to create a blog that can bring in more traffic has perfectly being laid out here. To get multiple incomes from this traffic is what we need to figure out when we start getting that traffic. I have never made use of email marketing and one day intend to. I am just starting out my blog and have not yet decided if I should start gathering emails. I always assume that one should start building an email list when they have loads of traffic coming to their blog but I recently found out that we need to start building our list as soon as we start our blogs because the money is always on the list. 

    • Precisely true, Jay! Beginning an email list from the get go will get sales down the road–when you promote products, services, posts, etc. using your email list. There’s no time like the present! In fact, using all the tools I listed will line up for you, a strong and converting online business! My MMO Guide explains a lot, too!

      So happy you dropped in to gain some insight. Read some of my other blog posts. They’re trendy and in tune with what’s happening online these days!

      Erin :)!

  9. This article about traffic shows that you are a seasoned pro in online marketing. I liked how you grouped many avenues to drive traffic to one’s website, and discussed each one of them and how they relate to each other.  Also, you covered the importance of Email marketing and the value of creating an Email list through one’s funnel system. 

    Great way to highlight the importance of a good landing page in building this Email list. Then you tied in how an Autoresponder system used this list to communicate with your potential customers. 

    I found it interesting how you rated Facebook and Instagram above the other social media platforms. You used stats to do that. Great approach. 

    These and Google are also great places to use paid ads and you compared how to build traffic with either paid ads or organic methods like using Keywords developed using Jaaxy and creating Blogs with valuable information.

    Eventually, all roads lead to Wealthy Affiliate and the tools within that online training company. You legitimized the application of banners that provide valuable information within them, much like Wealthy Affiliate does. 

    Finally, you solidified yourself as an authority in this industry by offering your MMO eBook and Online Training Course. Do you use this to link people who get your course to Wealthy Affiliate and their training? Just curious.

    You did an outstanding job in introducing the topic of traffic and how it is an important part of building ones online business, Affiliate or otherwise. 

    • Hi, Edwin, and thanks for all your insightful input into my blog post! Wow! You assessed it brilliantly, and took my lead right up to my MMO Guide and Wealthy Affiliate! Yes, my guide connects people to WA, but also offers valuable benefits and information on how to succeed in an online affiliate business.

      All the tools listed are extremely essential in creating success. Pure and simple! Thanks again, and I trust you’ll visit often for more in-depth learning! I write posts daily!

      Erin :)!


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