How Testimonials Reviews and Case Studies Can Advance You on Google

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testimonials reviews and case studies


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How Testimonials Reviews and Case Studies Can Advance You on Google: So, in regard to your website, outsourcing your content is extremely Important. But, believe it or not, there are a few things much more important! Yes, bringing a powerful vibe to your website is key to making it profitable!

So, in order to attract new clients and traffic, it is vital to relate to a group and leverage your web content with a little praise! Therefore, when someone with a positive presence blogs on your site leaving a testimonial or review of your written words, your website instantly becomes more credible!


Yes, opinions are everything on a website. So, that’s exactly why comments are so important! Furthermore, what someone who has a distinct interest in your niche has to say, will automatically earn credibility.

testimonials reviews and case studies

testimonials reviews and case studies


Thankfully, when someone visits your site and reads other’s thoughts, they are much more likely to click around. And, their trust becomes relevant. Yes, they are much more likely to hang around and opt in to what you’re offering, than to ditch your site all together. After all, the vast majority of visitors will flee without clicking if they don’t feel a sense of trust. Interestingly, this is a marketing truth that you can take advantage of in order to draw in more interest!

testimonials reviews and case studies

testimonials reviews and case studies


Essentially, these three tools are what you need to make it happen! Plus, it’s a great way to move forward with your online affiliate business, or whatever business you are running! So, how do you actually ask for testimonials and reviews? And, whom or what do you target for a Case Study? Well, let me break it down a bit for you.

testimonials reviews and case studies


Okay, a testimonial is a direct quote from a client, reporting to everyone reading your website of how great your business is. And, what better way to express the value that your blog brings forth, than to let a satisfied customer do the talking?

Ideally, testimonials are usually somewhat short and direct. Plus, they are an extremely crucial part of your site and can be added under a main menu or heading, or used in email marketing. Yes, establishing some testimonials will increase interest, increase content on your site and up credibility.



So, if you’ve never asked for testimonials, the task may seem tedious. However, it’s more simple than most people think. Really, all you have to do is ask. But, the challenge is who to reach out to, and when. So, timing is key. And, the best time is when you’ve successfully established your website and have some great blogs under your belt.

Then, one of the proper ways to collect testimonials is to send out a short “satisfaction” survey with a few questions. And, this will be sent by email to those who visit and also return, opting in with their email to something you’re offering.

Sample Questions for Your Satisfaction Survey:

  1. Did you have a positive experience on our website today?
  2. How would you rate your overall experience in regard to finding the answers you were looking for. Please explain.
  3. Would you recommend our service to others? If so, what did you find most helpful?
  4. Will you visit again to read new and upcoming blogs?

Then, if a visitor provides a positive response, ask him or her if you can publish it to your website as a testimonial. (You can reword it as you see fit, if need be).


  • Create a survey page right on your site that includes a text box, asking for a testimonial.
  • Send out an email campaign survey. (This may be more personal and likely to generate a better response.)
  • Word of mouth referrals: Ask friends and family to jump on your site and fill out your testimonial form!
  • Social Media outreach.

testimonials reviews and case studies

testimonials reviews and case studies



Interestingly, as testimonials are usually included as promotional material on your site, reviews tend to be targeted outside your site, and are located elsewhere. Yes, reviews on websites such as Google and Yelp can definitely generate floods of new customers, if it is a positive one! Unfortunately, not all reviews are good.

However, these days, most people recognize the importance of writing reviews with both pros and cons. And, in order to build some good ones up, all you really need to do is ask for people’s honest opinion of your site as an overall reference place.

So, one great way to generate some reviews is to go to review sites and include a direct link to multiple places where they can go to review your site. And, this may be directly on your website, in a newsletter or on a follow-up email.

testimonials reviews and case studies

testimonials reviews and case studies


Furthermore, you may also ask for a review right on your website by posting a form or link, and make leaving a review as easy as possible. And, make them know how much you’ll appreciate it!

So, the next time a client or visitor compliments your service, tell them that you would appreciate it if they’d leave their feedback, either in an online review site (providing a link to bring them there), or right on your site (supplying the link). Yes, using online recommendations such as this, has become almost as influential as direct referrals! Surprisingly, 85% trust online reviews as much as personal referrals, so it’s really worth the extra effort!



Of course, writing Case Studies provide proof that your service works. Plus, they’re a great marketing tool to capitalize on in drawing potential clients! Here, you can address and discuss in detail the problems your visitors may be facing, providing the possible solution and results at the end of the study. And, a case study is an attention getter, as one can learn if and how something is doable.

Unfortunately, writing a case study does take a great deal more time than a simple testimonial or review. However, it has the power to compel and attract new customers. So, a huge amount of research should go into writing one.

testimonials reviews and case studies


Well, in order to begin a case study, you need to first produce an effective project or topic of study. Then, you can research how that subject will solve a problem. And, the outcome, whatever it may be, will magnet people to your site!

Ideally, you can even feature a satisfied client as a success story. However, just make sure you ask their permission and give them a copy of it for approval before it’s published to your site. Furthermore, this will indirectly promote their business as well. So, most will love the idea of being featured!


Realistically, to produce a case study idea, you can scan the web for current or past case studies and search different headlines. Yes, this will give you some great ideas of what to target as your main topic of study. Simply, think of the benefits you want to achieve, the goals you’d like to reach and what kind of time frame you will need.


testimonials reviews and case studies

testimonials reviews and case studies

So, my final thoughts on getting testimonials, reviews and writing case studies is to take it to the Social Media market! And, what better place to advertise and get the word out than on FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter?! Yes, and establish a sense of importance when posting, making people feel honored to be invited to your site!

Lastly, when you have others write testimonials and reviews, and maybe include them in a case study, you will see your site catapult to new levels of success!



testimonials reviews and case studies

12 thoughts on “How Testimonials Reviews and Case Studies Can Advance You on Google”

  1. Thank you so much for this post.

    Traffic is very important to the success of any site.

    I’ve been testing various methods of growing my traffic but really hadn’t given much thought to reviews of my site.  I’ve provided product reviews on my site but cant believe I hadn’t thought of having my site reviewed elsewhere.

    I already solicit testimonials but have to admit, I hadn’t considered some of the options you’ve listed here.  I’ll employ a couple of them right away.

    Ahh, case studies.  This one is tough.  I’m going to have to do a lot of planning to get it going.  Still, it will be worth it.  I’ve just been procrastinating because I know it will take quite a bit of effort.

    I really appreciate the list of insightful posts too.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Scott! Great input, my friend! Generating leads for your site can be quite tedious and time consuming. Glad to see you’re testing all the angles and options! Great work! Once your site is establishing some great content, yes, why not ask for a bit of feedback through reviews and testimonials for yourself?! Google loves the interaction! Case Studies, on the other hand lend some helpful answers to desperate seekers! They draw more traffic if you can provide quality content and answers to people’s challenges. I’m glad you found this helpful and thanks for reading my insightful posts!

      Erin :)!

  2. Hi,

    Great information on how to create testimonials, reviews, and case studies. This is something I’ve wanted to do on my own website. I know that you want to wait until you’ve established your site and have some content. How much content do you think is necessary before trying to get some testimonials or reviews?


    • Hey Michael and thanks for your comment and question! Since 85% of people trust online reviews and testimonials, and 91% check genuine online reviews and testimonials regularly, it necessary to be pretty established in your online presence. I would say to have at least 20-30 blogs of quality content under your belt before asking for people’s opinions of your website. Great question!

      Erin :)!

  3. I think testimonials go a long way in making a website or business more credible. A website or business becomes more trustworthy when they see testimonials on a website. It is one of the surest way to build trust on a website, which is why a lot of people place a lot of emphasis on it. 

    Unfortunately, many website owners abuse this and even put fake testimonials on their website. This makes it very difficult to differentiate between a real and fake testimonial. 

    • Hi Jay and great comment! Establishing credibility is key being a business owner. Testimonials do add trust and every entrepreneur strives for this. Yes, there are those who want to cut corners and cheat their viewers with fake ones. So, careful consideration should always be sought when detecting spam. You posed a great point!

      Erin :)!

  4. I agree that testimonials, reviews, and case studies can really help to advance a website ranking on Google. I like to think of it as a proof. I create surveys to share with my visitors. For a product or software, it is a good proof of how good or how bad the product or software is. After writing my own review, I will ask those who have already used the product to give feedback, and to the ones who will use it in the future, to remember to share their opinion with us.

    It also gives more quality to the content I find.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Adyns and great idea! Surveys also develop knowledge for a site and allow customers to voice their opinions. This, in return, spreads some great interaction! Google loves that! Asking for opinions of what your selling or promoting is a great way to gain trust!

      Erin :)!

  5. I love that when you give feedback on other people’s websites based on their content, the room for improvements is great! So, when I give a quality review on a post, I get a quality review in return to a post of my choosing that I published.

    It’s great helping people and giving advice. People should help one another succeed in this line of business. Giving feedback is where you should start!

    Thank you for the read and all the best.


    • Thank you for your reply, Aabidah! Yes, people’s opinions certainly matter, allowing room for improvements. Having reviews and testimonials on your site for viewers to read establishes security and trust!

      Erin :)!

  6. Testimonials and reviews are very important features people are looking for in order to know how valid a platform or website is. I have seen a lot of websites that become insecure as a result of bad reviews. People read about them having fake testimonials. Many websites have good testimonials, but their operation contradicts many testimonies about them. So, how do we know a genuine testimony? If care is not taken, many marketers are so selfish to the extent of tagging a particular website as fake just to get their product promoted. I have so much respect when searching for a website that can gain my trust. In doing this, I like to read reviews that have their con and pros. Then I will scale this feature and settle for the one that pays. 

    As a beginner, I don’t really how this matter on Google ranks. Thanks for showing us how to source for good reviews about our website and testimonies. This is a very useful review that is worth revisiting. 

    • Hi Stella and thanks for your helpful comment! Having genuine reviews and testimonials on your website certainly develops trust between you and your audience, and promotes your brand. Hopefully Google rankings will handle fake ones. If not, it is usually easy to detect ones that are full of spam. I appreciate your take on this!

      Erin :)!

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